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In 1867 Librairie d'Amyot at Paris published a book entitled 'Les Reves et les Moyens de les diriger: Observations Pratiques', written by the French Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys. It is the first serious book on dreamprocesses, and the ability to be conscious during dreaming is also described. For detailed information on this book, I refer you to the article 'Historical View Saint-Denys' on this site. It seems that the book means 'trouble' for publishers; announced translations in the past never appeared. More recently Mr. Daniel Love organized in 2014 a crowdfunding with the aim to publish an integral English translation of the book, but the project failed.


Already having translated in 2013 the book integral into Dutch language, boldly I decided to make the integral English translation. I am however not a professional translator, and nor the French nor the English language is my native one. So I realized there would be flaws and rough edges, but I thought: 'better something than nothing'. In 2016, with Drs. Eli Meijer as co-editor, the e-book 'Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them: Practical Observations' appeared. You can read or download it, as our gift to the lucid dream community, free of charge, here.






Inner Garden Press published in 2020 from my free-version an enhanced edition with the title: 'Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them: Practical Observations, Including an Appendix with a Reveal of a Dream After taking Hashish'.

You can order it at This version is however not free of charge.




Background: Hans Vos, sculptor